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Opened a yoghurt tub to find jalebi sweets in it… Ain’t complaining! :D lol today is so Indian 🐘🙏👌🍯🚲
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Green tea and bhendas out in the sun! #tea #indiansweets #lush
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Art student selfie #vangogh #painting
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Off to college! #english #literature 👌👌
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Sue’s travelling the world! #guineapig #sue
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Exhausted selfie after a loooooong day #productivity #tired
Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean

This song makes me feel like crying every time, it’s amazing

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Cold Lasagne

I just wrote that last post because it’s important to express a beautiful thought when it comes to mind.

I wrote it when dinner was ready and I’ve just had cold lasagne but it’s fine because I feel better now.

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